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Furnishing Resonance – A Collaboration with Steinway & Sons



The idea behind the project was to design a limited edition piano that more than been just a functional instrument, could also be seen a piece of contemporary furniture. The design takes a Steinway’s Model A Piano as the starting point. Without sacrificing Steinway’s renowned high quality acoustics and elegance, changes are made around several components but leaving the case intact. I choose to work with clean straight lines throughout the piano case and take away all unnecessary curves other odd-looking contours which gives the new piano a “pure” minimal look.

The standard 3 legs are substituted by two wooden frame structures that hold the case and become the main focal point of my design. A kickback and a subtle slump that goes along the frames add movement to the design. The lyra was reduced to a single metal frame that blends with the basic shape of the case. A matching bench with leather upholstery complements the piano.

The case and lid have a high-gloss black finish that contrasts with the exposed teak grain of the legs.The bottom rim that goes underneath the case has a mat black finish. The new geometry with clean lines and an eye-catching material combination give the piano a new image; a combination of a contemporary piece of furniture and and a high end musical instrument.








Home Brewing Station

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The Home brewing station takes a process that is normally perceived as complicated and overwhelming and simplifies it ,turning it into a more fun and approachable experience. It is an innovative approach to home brewing that focuses on the production of  small one gallon batches. This translates into a series of advantages for the home-brewer. It needs less space, it allows to use already available kitchen utensils, makes the actual brewing process faster and the smaller volumes are easier to handle. All of this allows the home brewer to brew more often, gain experience in a shorter amount of time and the possibility of enjoying a wider range of beer styles.
The system focuses on the practicality of the process, housing just the necessary elements needed to brew beer. It is designed to be flexible and can be adapted to the user’s specific needs. Ultimately, it serves as a tool to motivate people to engage into simple everyday life activities that can improve interaction with others. Home brewing is also a sustainable approach to the consumption of this beverage since it can be produced locally with less waste. It also allows the user to learn and better appreciate the beverage since it can be enjoyed fresh and made out of quality ingredients.




The brewing station celebrates the millenary art of beer brewing, as it acts as a display where the process and the tools can be appreciated and better understood. It incorporates traditional materials like wood,stainless steel, glass, ceramic and leather into contemporary simple forms. It is meant to be displayed as a piece of furniture but it is also a real, versatile working station that can be rolled to the kitchen or next to a stove where the beer is brewed.

The cabinet is made out of 1/2 inch oak plywood which was custom laid up for the project and consists of 9 layers of veneer.
The Stainless steel front panel resolves allows the user to custom position the brewing tools and provides a solution to some of the problems home brewers have to overcome, for example drying the bottles after sanitation. It also allows fresh air into the cabinet’s interior which contains the fermenting brew.



Taking simplicity again as the most important aspect of the concept, the minimal logo consists of the word “BEER”, with the letters arranged around an X. Simple and effective the logo explains with one word the content of the bottle. The Logo incorporates graphic elements of the cabinet and the bag which creates a unity between the different objects.


Test Logo-Small




Logo and Branding Concept in collaboration with -Franziska Stetter


Packaging and Personalization:


The Home Brewing Station allows to personalize each bottle in a practical simple way. Rubber stamps with the BEER logo allow the user to personalize each bottle.Traditionally, paper bags are a cheap easy way to carry beer bottles in a discreet way. The concept behind the packaging is take a simple known element as the paper bag and elevate its value through the branding with the rubber stamps. This way, every bottle becomes unique.







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Materials: White Oak, Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 8in X 12in X 10in

This project illustrates the concept of simplicity through the working principle of a wooden barrel. A traditional wooden barrel works by metal hoops holding several staves of wood together tightly shaped into a bulging cylinder. As the wood absorbs moisture, it swells. This makes the joints between the staves tighter and prevents the liquids from leaking between the joints.

I wanted to take advantage of that very simple working principle but at the same time, to utilize new available technologies like the CNC. This translates into a new object that merges a traditional principle with a contemporary shape.


The cask is made out of white oak.This material adds complexity and character to the flavor of aging beverages like wine, whiskey, cognac and beer among others. The rings and the base holding the sides are stainless steel because of its strength and the aesthetic quality of the material.


The cask consists of 4 mittered pieces of wood. A side cut on the pieces allows the stainless steel rings to disapear below the edges of the parts. These are ratcheted around the wooden pieces and held together on the bottom by a rivet.






Dillard’s Farm to Table Collection

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A Wooden Dinner Collection under the premise of Savor, Amuse, Entertain submited to Dillard’s Farm to Table design project. The contest is a collaboration of Red Clay and the brand Dillard’s,where the design submissions are voted online by consumers. Five of the 8 collection pieces were chosen by the voters and will be produced by Dillard’s next spring.




Digital Design and Manufacture Technologies allow a world of new possibilities and forms that we couldn’t even imagine just a few years ago. With this collection I wanted to take advantage of modern manufacturing processes and do something interesting and unusual.
All pieces in this set are intended to challenge our expectation. Asymmetric yet simple elegant forms make the observer keep the eyes on the object and its contents. Oak and Walnut wood contrast with each other and have a beautiful grain that enhance the shape of the piece. This collection promises to be a highlight on your table and a perfect complement for you delicious food.

Easy Compost

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Easy Compost- Home Composter

Imagine that everyone could be able to process his
own organic waste at home…

The size of the landfills would be reduced and the
resources employed to pick up and dispose the waste
would also be diminished.

Nobody likes to have organic waste hanging around
the house. It smells bad, is difficult to handle, and
carries diseases with it. 0ver 40% of the waste we
produce everyday, is of this type.

Imagine being paid for your trash instead of paying
to get rid of it…

Easy Compost is a device utilized to process organic waste at home, especially in the city where space is very limited. Because not everybody has a garden to make compost the traditional way, it was designed to operate inside of the house, in the kitchen right where most of the garbage is being produced.

It does not need electric power or chemicals to operate. It is made with recycled plastic and needs no screws or other additional mechanical unions.

The waste is turned into a useful material that is good for the environment.

Users and the environment would benefit from the
compost being produced, as it could be used at home
or it could be sold as well, therefore being an incentive for
people to recycle.



Very easy to use, lift the lid and deposit your organic waste inside. A special breed of worms and microorganisms diminish the bad smell while decomposing the organic material . You can pick up your high quality compost everyday through the drawer, as well as liquid compost that you can use as a fertilizer for your plants at home.

Easy Compost was designed thinking of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle,
or the three R’s, which are the three pillars of recycling philosophy.
It is important not only to employ recycled materials but also to try to
provide longer operating life and easier disassembly. Thinking of the three
R’s can help reduce costs as well as the impact on the environment.


With Easy Compost waste doesn`t build up in landfills
where it takes longer to decompose. Insted it is rapidly
processed and turned into a high value material that can be easily
brought back in the envyroment.



First Working Prototype

Affordable Writing

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A normal click action ball pen consists of many parts. They are often very cheap and are made out different materials. Therefore, their recycling process is almost impossible.

In this study made for Lamy, the challenge was to develop a low cost, easy-to-recycle product family that would look and feel good
















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How many times you´ve been on vacations and there was nobody home to water your plants…
Wouldn´t it be great if they could water

If you are the type of person that enjoys
having plants at home but doesn´t have enough time to take care of them, then
Bromelia is perfect for you!

Bromelia uses air´s humidty to
water the plants.


The bionic design is inspired in tropical flowers called Bromelias. These plants live on the tree canopies and collect water and nutrients they need from the air and fog.